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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tory Toffs Attacking Single Parents? Whatever Next?

Whilst Labour are obsessing over sparking a new class war, purporting to be on the working-class side whilst bailing out avaricious bankers with taxpayer cash, no attention has been paid to Conservative attempts to further marginalize the plight of the single parent. David Conman, sorry, Cameron is already drawing up plans for tax breaks to married couples; needless to say, middle and upper classes will probably be given some kind of bonus. Why you ask? To preserve the sanctity of marriage of course! But according to Harriet Harman, equality minister for Labour, the government has no moral or ethical duty to encourage its citizens to marry. Harlot Harman had a good point when she said “There is no government policy which will prevent relationship breakdown.” And common logic dictates that the man who bought sweets on expenses, and flies around on the private jets of rich peers whilst seemingly concerned about climate change, isn't really worth trusting wholeheartedly.

This sanctimonious, condescending upper-class twerp isn't the right sort of person to be taking lessons in morals from, especially as he actively campaigns with his Tory chums to legalize the brutal "sport" of fox-hunting. Conservatives are tragically out-of-touch, sexist, homophobic (look up Section 28) and generally odious excuses for politicians. The so-called shining examples of politics have had their fingers in more pies than a bulimic but they are still pretending to care about the working-class. These are, of course, the same Tories relishing the thought of putting thousands of public-sector workers out in the cold. The same who wish to trash pensions - getting us all to work until our deaths instead. The same people who would cut back on social services, leaving vulnerable children and adults in a perilous position. Here's a question for Creepy Cam - if you want youth employment to rise so badly then why force the older generation to work longer? Does that not actually INCREASE the employment deficit?

The party of inane paradoxes and quick-fix policies which become damaging long-term are just a few points ahead of equally useless Labour - though everyone with a half-brain knows a Tory vote will spell middle and upper-class leisure at the expense of misery in the working classes. Disaster for those on low income ore benefits will be guaranteed; the Tory fatcats have already set their sights on their next victim - benefits and other financial help for working-class people - if they get into government next year. If you're struggling to make ends meet now due to the ongoing global recession, a Tory vote will exacerbate your suffering. Labour may be dead in the water but most know who they would rather in the political battle. Vote with your conscience on May 3rd in the general elections. And pray the Tories won't repeat Thatcherism again.

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